We are looking for Local Distributors for placement of the entire Appetite Food product portfolio in cities/towns in India. Depending on the size & population expected coverage per city is 500 to 5000 stores. Each city could be covered by a single Distributor or multiple Distributor depending on Distributor reach, capability & capacity.
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  1. Experience or knowledge in the FMCG & Modern Trade Distribution business.
  2. Willingness to invest in the business
  3. Defined plan to cover assigned territory
  4. Commitment to participate in joint campaigns for promotion of business.
  5. Maintain quality standards and ethical business practices
  6. Should maintain mutually agreed minimum stock
  7. Should have sufficient space to stock the product/s in hygienic conditions.
  8. Payment Terms of BRAND – 100% before shipment of goods.
  1. Access to world class products with pre and post-sales support
  2. Sharing of leads and opportunities directly by BRAND
  3. Published price list and defined quantity-based discounts and schemes.
  4. Special pricing on large opportunities. In case of special requirements or institutional Sales requirements, Distributor can approach BRAND for customization and/ or special pricing clearance within 24 hours.
  5. Participation in marketing and promotional activities
  6. Listing on our website as an authorized Partner, after initial cooling-off period of 6 months.
  7. Free product training for Distributor & Distributor network’s
  8. Ease of placing orders on a central ordering portal with Price and discounts automatically assigned.
  9. Orders fulfilled by BRAND or within committed timeframe, with shipment within 48-72 hours of receipt of Purchase Order & Payment confirmation.

Inviting individuals and/or consultants to facilitate set up of the Distribution Network as described in previous section, across 1 or more locations in India.

  1. Identify and validate potential Distributors
  2. Conclude the 1st level engagement with potential or short-listed Distributors, before setting up the closure meeting with BRAND.
  3. Liaison with Distributors signed-up by BRAND (monitor & track performance of signed Distributors) to ensure business optimization and business continuity.
  1. Up to 5% of the Gross Business Revenue accrued from the signed Distributor, depending on mutually agreed KPI’s.
  2. Re-conciliation and payout to be done on monthly basis, based on the secondary sales report generated by Distributor and accepted by BRAND.